7 - Frillsکیک مدل چین دار


Frills and flounces, which are made in the same way, add pretty, side decorations to sugar pasted or royal iced cakes. Frills can be wide or narrow, white or coloured, single or layered, and in many different combinations.

Fit template around the cake and mark the scalloped shape with an icing marker (Scriber) or pin and remove the template.

Garrett Frill

Using a frill cutter, cut out a thin layer at sugar paste or modelling paste.

Full the sugar paste by rolling The cocktail stick backwards and forwards to create frills. Cut frill in half and attach to cake.

Attaching the Frill

Use fine paint brush dipped in a little egg white or water and apply frill on cake pressing gently. The second frill is attached top the first frill line.

Finish edge by indenting with the end of a paint brush or piped Dots.

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