6 - Covering a cake کاور کیک با خمیر فوندانت

Covering a cake with sugar paste

Just follow the instructions for the right ways to knead roll out and lift the sugar paste, and you will find that covering a dummy cake is easy.

Prepare cake by using a brush; wet the surface of the dummy cake.

Knead in a little icing sugar. Lightly dust your smooth work surface and your rolling pin with icing sugar to prevent sticking. Roll out sugar paste sized to your cake. To keep sugar paste from

sticking, lift and move as you roll. Add more icing sugar if needed.

Gently lift sugar paste over rolling pin and position on dummy cake.

Shape sugar paste to sides of cake with hands; be careful because the pressure of your hands may leave impressions on the icing sugar paste.

Remove the excess icing on the side of the cake to neaten the top edge using a small palette knife.
Leave the cake to dry for at last 4 hours in a warm, dry place.

Your cake is now ready to decorate.

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